My history with migraines

I was 16 the first time I had a migraine, by the time I was 25 I had to take a trip to the ER from a migraine with aura, which also was the first time I had a migraine with aura, in the worst scenario possible, having a meeting in a diner with my bosses. Before the main course arrived, my migraine went from zero to a thousand with vertigo, nausea, slurred & gibberish speech, a numb arm and tongue, distorted vision and hearing, intolerance to light and sound and difficulty to think or focus from the pain feeling like an elephant decided step on my head.
About 6 months after my first migraine with aura , I had another, but at the time I was unaware it was the same type of migraine. By that time I was having at least one bad headache a week and a migraine every couple of weeks, not as bad as the one that landed me in the ER.
Doctors told me either to “relax” or to start popping pills before a headache if I knew I’d have a stressful day, none of which solved my main concern, I had no idea what was causing my migraines. I had heard the classic triggers, chocolate,hormones, alcohol, but It was my own research which led me to understand the nature of my migraines, the variety of pain and how they started, or how my body resented the lack of sleep or the excess of work.
I’ve tried to understand my migraines from every view point available, from the electromechanical, how the brain works and what happens to it when a migraine appears to the logical analytical one, tracking symptoms and trying to “hack it”
Through the years I’ve met many other “migraine buddies” who swear by different brands of OTC ( #ExcedrinTeam here) herbal remedies, acupuncture, or “riding through the pain” but one thing is certain even though everyone experiences migraine in a different way with specific triggers everyone would rather prevent their migraines than get caught off guard.